Diving courses in Menorca: I want my PADI course, where do I start?

Diving is an increasingly growing activity in our country and there is many people asking us about PADI diving courses in Menorca, so this blog post is addressed to all of you. Let’s try to summarize: witch are the courses to start diving and what they consist of, what requirements are needed and how long are them.

cursos de buceo padi en menorca

What diving initiation courses should I choose?

To obtain the first PADI certification we have two options of diving courses: the PADI Scuba Diver or the PADI Open Water Diver.
The Open Water is the first PADI certification that will enable you to dive up to 18 meters autonomously. The course consists of 3 modules: theory, confined water and open water. As we know that during the holidays you don’t like to be studying, you can choose to do the theory online and get to Menorca just to enjoy the water. The PADI online system will allow you to access the manuals and perform the theoretical part with or without internet connection, comfortably from your home before reaching Menorca. Thus, once in the diving center in Menorca we will go directly to enjoy the water, first with the confined waters to practice skills and gain confidence and safety and then, with the open waters to consolidate what we’ve learned.
On the other hand, the PADI Scuba Diver is a sub-course within the Open Water Diver that will enable you to dive up to 12 meters, always under the supervision of a diving professional. The course consists of the same parts, 3 theory modules are carried out, 3 of confined water and 2 of open water. After obtaining certification, it will always be possible to continue the path and complete the Open Water in any PADI center in the world.

What requirements do you need to start diving courses in Menorca?

The first requirement is the desire and motivation, essential for the best performance of the student. Having said this, it is necessary to have a minimum of 10 years old and be in possession of a medical certificate that declares the student fit to practice recreational diving. You can bring this certificate from your city of origin or take it out here in Menorca, where prices range between € 40 and € 70. If you want to get it out here in Menorca we will help you find the best places for you, just ask us.
In this link you can download the PADI medical certificate model.

How much time do I need to get my PADI certification in Menorca?

We have structured the open water course in 4 half days, with the possibility of morning hours (9.30am to 13am) or afternoons (3pm to 6.30pm with an hour to eat) and the scuba diver course in two half days , in the same approximate times as the Open Water.

How many students are the courses in Binibeca Diving?

For us, quality is more important than quantity, so we do not make larger groups of 6 students per instructor. We believe that a personalized attention and entering the water without hurry are the bases for a good training. As instructors we are also constantly in training ourselves to be able to offer our students the best version of ourselves. On the other hand, we do not mix students with different languages.

Is it necessary to book the diving course in advance?

Yes, is very important for our planning as well as for you to have enough time to study the theory that you book your diving course in advance. To book you can write us by email to info@binibecadivingmenorca.com or call us at 617685193.
At the time of confirming dates and blocking your place, we ask you for a deposit to be able to send you the access codes to the PADI digital platform, where you can access the manuals and complete the tests and final exam.

And after my diving course, what?

You will have a new world of possibilities to discover most of the submerged planet. And also a wide range of possibilities to continue your training with the Advanced Open Water Diver and with many diving specialties such as Diving with Enriched Air, Diving with Sidemount, Night diving, Cavern diving,  etc.

And now … Did we dive?

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