Diving in Menorca: the new reserve marine of Isla del Aire

On April 12th, 2019 mid-morning, the media, and therefore all of us, we echoed the news we had been waiting for so long: the Government Council approved the decree declaring the Isla del Aire as new marine reserve in Menorca.

reserva marina isla del aire

Isla del Aire marine reserve

With the creation of the marine reserve, which is the eleventh Marine Reserve of the Balearic Islands, a total area of 719.31 hectares is protected, ranging from Punta des Xoriguer to Punta de Rafalet, encompassing the entire Isla del Aire.

The new marine reserve: an area with great potential

From the Ministry of Environment have stressed that the Isla del Aire is an area where several streams converge, particularity that makes this area a place with a great potential to host diverse and abundant fish populations.
In the study that was submitted for the request of this area as a reserve, 634 marine species were inventoried, being able to find some of them only in this area of all Menorca. With the creation of this marine reserve, the proliferation of these species is foreseen and a very substantial increase in the commercial fish populations is estimated, those most punished by the excess of fishing in the area.
The new marine reserve of Isla del Aire includes a special area for diving in which all types of marine fishing are completely prohibited (except recreational fishing with cane and from the ground). In the rest of the zone cataloged like reserve the decree allows the professional fishing of smaller arts and the recreational shellfishing.

Best dive sites in menorca

We have a great job ahead: take care of our seas!
From Binibeca Diving we have received this news with all the illusion that you can imagine, hoping that, in a few years, we can enjoy dives where only the extraordinary seabed of Isla de Aire counts but also the quantity and diversity of marine species that we can find.

Now begins a work that we have to carry out among all, divers and non-divers, respect and protection of the area, continuous training in diving to be able to do dives that do not alter this protected habitat and awareness in our day to day and in the use we make of plastics and energies of our planet.

We leave in this link all our dives, most of them in Isla del Aire.

Good diving for all in our new marine reserve of Isla del Aire!

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